sd_flash_write() cause NRF_FAULT_ID_SD_ASSERT


I have run into an issue with nrf52840 on pca10056 v1.0.0 board. The softdevice is SD v6.1.0. It seems to be a hardfault which cause a reset when I tried to call sd_flash_write(), sd_flash_page_erase() is OK though. The address and buffer is 4 byte aligned, the number of word is 1024.

Following the parameter of the callback error that Softdevice invoked

  • pc= 0x00014A3A
  • info = 0x00

if SD is not enable, there will be no problems at all. Strange things is the very same code run without issue on nrf52832 S132 v6.1.0.

I am appreciated if anyone could provide a hint why SD assert at that pc location.

Thanks in advance