TX/RX question of Radio test of SDK 15.2

Hi Sir,

We would like to use the Radio test to do the basick TX/RX test in SDK 15.2

We use the nRF52840-DK for test and follow the CLI document.

1. We use two board (nRF52840-DK) to do the RX test, we follow the below sequence to do RX test.

    a. both nRF52840-DK set the channel to "2" (w/ command "start_channel" and 'end_channel"), other parameters keep un-modify.

    b. board1 w/ command "start_tx_carrier"

    b. board 2 w/ command "start_rx" -> "printf_rx"

   But we got below result on board 2, what is the sequence if we need to to RX test.

2. For TX, we would like to measure the tx modulation signal.

    We use the command "start_tx_modulated_carrier" to send the signal. We expect to see the packet in the signal, but we only see the continue wave form.

    We tried the channel 2402/2442/2480


uart_cli:~$ start_channel 02
Start channel set to: 2.
uart_cli:~$ parameters_print
Data rate: RADIO_MODE_MODE_Ble_1Mbit
Transmission pattern: TRANSMIT_PATTERN_RANDOM
Start Channel: 2
End Channel: 80
Time on each channel: 10 ms
Duty cycle: 50 percent
uart_cli:~$ start_tx_modulated_carrier


Thank you, Han

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  • Hi,


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to do a TX/RX communication test with 2 kits using the radio_test example.

    The default transmission pattern will be to randomize the RF addresses, so even if they are on the same channel, no payload will be received.

    A quick way to test would be to go into radio_test.c::radio_config() and in the case "TRANSMIT_PATTERN_RANDOM", hard-code the NRF_RADIO->PREFIX0 and NRF_RADIO->BASE0 register, then recompile and load the new hex file onto both kits.

    The other two transmit patterns are not ideal for actual communication due to the toggling pattern, but you should still receive data even if you choose "TRANSMIT_PATTERN_11001100" or "TRANSMIT_PATTERN_11110000".



    Kind regards,


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