Migrated from sdk 14.0 to 15.2, and now BLE advertising is turning off immediately after turning on

Hi all,

I'm working on an application that requires BLE. I've recently upgraded my project from sdk 14.0 to 15.2 in order to deal with some problems that I ran into with the fstorage module, and now my BLE code isn't working. Since I went through all of the migration document steps (and none of the BLE stuff seemed like it related to my code) I assumed that the problem was in my sdk_config file, so I changed it to be very similar to that of the ble_hrs example. This hasn't helped though; I still don't see my device advertising. It's worth noting that I have checked through my code and I know that none of the functions that I'm calling are returning any errors.

One strange thing is that, when I flash the device with my code, I will see it pop up momentarily on the ble testing app (lightblue) that I'm using to scan for advertisements. But then it immediately drops out. It seems like it's advertising for a fraction of a second, and then dropping out. Does anyone know what might cause this? I feel like there is something very simple going on here that I'm not quite getting. This is all on the nrf52 devkit, softdevice s140 v6.