Creating 2 characteristics with a custom value base UUID


I have read through this tutorials on how to develop custom UUID, and I have implemented it successfully.

But I need to have 2 characteristics. I have basically duplicated the codes for the custom UUID in order to have 2 characteristics.

I am not sure that is the way to do it.

When I compile, there is no error but I am not able to see the second characteristics on the nRF Connect.

Below is snippet of the code for ble_cus.h

// CUSTOM_SERVICE_UUID_BASE f364adc9-b000-4042-ba50-05ca45bf8abc : ADC9 taken as the 16bit Serivice. Added 1 to have the characteristics

#define CUSTOM_SERVICE_UUID_BASE         {0xBC, 0x8A, 0xBF, 0x45, 0xCA, 0x05, 0x50, 0xBA, \
                                          0x42, 0x40, 0x00, 0xB0, 0xC9, 0xAD, 0x64, 0xF3}

#define CUSTOM_SERVICE_UUID               0xADC9
#define CUSTOM_VALUE_CHAR_UUID            0xADCA
#define CUSTOM_VALUE2_CHAR_UUID           0xADCB  /**<Added for second characteristics, and increased NRF_SDH_BLE_VS_UUID_COUNT to 2 but it didn't advertise*/
						/**@brief Custom Service event type. */
typedef enum
    BLE_CUS_EVT_NOTIFICATION_ENABLED,                             /**< Custom value notification enabled event. */
    BLE_CUS_EVT_NOTIFICATION_DISABLED,                             /**< Custom value notification disabled event. */
} ble_cus_evt_type_t;

/**@brief Custom Service event. */
typedef struct
    ble_cus_evt_type_t evt_type;                                  /**< Type of event. */
} ble_cus_evt_t;

// Forward declaration of the ble_cus_t type.
typedef struct ble_cus_s ble_cus_t;

/**@brief Custom Service event handler type. */
typedef void (*ble_cus_evt_handler_t) (ble_cus_t * p_bas, ble_cus_evt_t * p_evt);

/**@brief Battery Service init structure. This contains all options and data needed for
 *        initialization of the service.*/
typedef struct
    ble_cus_evt_handler_t         evt_handler;                    /**< Event handler to be called for handling events in the Custom Service. */
    uint8_t                       initial_custom_value;           /**< Initial custom value */
    ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t  custom_value_char_attr_md;     /**< Initial security level for first Custom characteristics attribute */
    ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t  custom_value2_char_attr_md;     /**< Initial security level for second Custom characteristics attribute */
} ble_cus_init_t;

/**@brief Custom Service structure. This contains various status information for the service. */
struct ble_cus_s
    ble_cus_evt_handler_t         evt_handler;                    /**< Event handler to be called for handling events in the Custom Service. */
    uint16_t                      service_handle;                 /**< Handle of Custom Service (as provided by the BLE stack). */
    ble_gatts_char_handles_t      custom_value_handles;           /**< Handles related to the Custom Value first characteristic. */
    ble_gatts_char_handles_t      custom_value2_handles;           /**< Handles related to the Custom Value second characteristic. */
    uint16_t                      conn_handle;                    /**< Handle of the current connection (as provided by the BLE stack, is BLE_CONN_HANDLE_INVALID if not in a connection). */
    uint8_t                       uuid_type; 

/**@brief Function for initializing the Custom Service.
 * @param[out]  p_cus       Custom Service structure. This structure will have to be supplied by
 *                          the application. It will be initialized by this function, and will later
 *                          be used to identify this particular service instance.
 * @param[in]   p_cus_init  Information needed to initialize the service.
 * @return      NRF_SUCCESS on successful initialization of service, otherwise an error code.
uint32_t ble_cus_init(ble_cus_t * p_cus, const ble_cus_init_t * p_cus_init);

/**@brief Function for handling the Application's BLE Stack events.
 * @details Handles all events from the BLE stack of interest to the Battery Service.
 * @note 
 * @param[in]   p_cus      Custom Service structure.
 * @param[in]   p_ble_evt  Event received from the BLE stack.
void ble_cus_on_ble_evt( ble_evt_t const * p_ble_evt, void * p_context);

/**@brief Function for updating the custom value.
 * @details The application calls this function when the cutom value should be updated. If
 *          notification has been enabled, the custom value characteristic is sent to the client.
 * @note 
 * @param[in]   p_bas          Custom Service structure.
 * @param[in]   Custom value 
 * @return      NRF_SUCCESS on success, otherwise an error code.

uint32_t ble_cus_custom_value_update(ble_cus_t * p_cus, uint8_t custom_value);

uint32_t ble_cus_custom_value2_update(ble_cus_t * p_cus, uint8_t custom_value2);

#endif // BLE_CUS_H__

  I also tried to change the NRF_SDH_BLE_VS_UUID_COUNT from 1 to 2 but instead the DK does not advertise.

I appreciate any guide to resolving this. Thanks.