[Qeustion] data send error

HI, I am seungwoo

I am developing data transmission using nrf52810.

A 300-kilobyte file is divided into 220 bytes and transmitted continuously.

11-27 17:24:24.416 W 15138 lbs_tag_service woo send4 packetInteration = 212total = 1543
11-27 17:24:24.418 E 2945 bt_att gatt_act_write() failed op_code=0x52 rt=143
11-27 17:24:26.236 W 15138 lbs_tag_service woo send4 packetInteration = 213total = 1543

If I send data, periodically, the above bt_att gatt_act_write () failed op_code = 0x52 rt = 143 occurs.

This error delays a lot of time.


added in API level 21

public static final int GATT_CONNECTION_CONGESTED

A remote device connection is congested.

Constant Value: 143 (0x0000008f)

I want to know why this error occurs.

I am using example ble_app_uart.