NRF52832 BLE4.0 / BLE5.0

Hi all,

I am new to BLE development. Currently developing a new BLE device using ISP1507, which is based on NRF52832. The device (server) will be communicating with a Windows 10 computer (client). My plan is to develop the application to work with BLE5.0. However I want to make sure of some point beforehand.

As far as I know BLE5.0 is backward compatible, is this right? I do not foresee any problems with getting this BLE5.0 device communicate with a BLE4.0 Windows 10 computer. Should I have any concerns here?

Just in case, I would also like to know, which softdevice version (I am using S132) should I use for BLE4.0?



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  • Hi,

    Yes, it is backwards compatible. Bluetooth 5 is a superset of Bluetooth 4, and usage of Bluetooth 5 features is subject to negotiation between the devices. Fallback is to use Bluetooth 4 features.

    You should not have any concerns. In the unlikely event something is not compatible we will find a solution, either through patching our SoftDevice (we sometimes do this even if the other device is at fault) or by finding a suitable workaround.

    If you know that you need to be compatible with Bluetooth 4 then the safest is not to try to use any Bluetooth 5 features and you should have no trouble at all.


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