How many peers can be connected to the central one using the security connection on the nRF52832?

I'm trying to use the sample application "\ ble_central \ ble_app_rscs_c".

If I change the NRF_SDH_BLE_CENTRAL_LINK_COUNT file from 1 to 2 in the sdk_config.h file, the application crashes on startup.

<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Insufficient RAM allocated for the SoftDevice.
<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Change the RAM start location from 0x20001CD0 to 0x200021B8.
<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Maximum RAM size for application is 0xDE48.
<error> nrf_sdh_ble: sd_ble_enable() returned NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM.
<error> app: Fatal error

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