[nRF9160] Request for new AT command features


I have read the "nRF91 AT Command Reference Guide v0.7" and I would like to propose a new AT command to be added and also an additional feature to an existing AT command

1. As the 3GPP Rel-13 supports Power Classes 3 (23dBm) and 5 (20dBm) could you add an AT command to configure the transceiver power class. Ideally this should be separately controllable for different frequency bands. Using lower power class would decrease peak currents and thus might enable to use batteries with lower peak current capability.

2. Would it be possible to add "pulsed transmission" feature to %XRFTEST command. I assume that currently this command generates continuous transmission. I propose to add "transmission_ON_period" and "transmission_OFF_period" parameters. For example, setting these parameters e.g. to 20ms/100ms would transmit 20ms TX pulses with 100ms gap between the pulses. This feature would allow testing applications that rely mainly on capacitors to supply the peak currents during transmissions. Also applications with very low battery capacity would be easier to test if the battery would last longer during testing.