Power Profiler Kit - Keep getting "Failed to read PPK Metadata"

I recently obtained a PPK from Mouser and plugged it in my nRF52DK.  I use it to measure current of an external device.

When NRFConnect "connects", it works great.  However, for it to connect, I need to connect, disconnect about 10 times for it to get a reliable connection.

I tried replacing the USB cable and re-seating the PPK onto the nRF52DK.

I also re-flashed the firmware.  Unfortunately, nothing I have tried has improved the reliability of the connection between my PC and the PPK.

Do I have a defective PPK, nrf52DK or is this a software issue that Nordic needs to resolve in the firmware or application?

I would expect to connect successfully the first time, every time I need to use it and not have to try and re-try (and re-try (and re-try)) to make it work.

Here is the log I get:

I use nrf Connect 2.6.1.