Finding Larger 3rd Party NFC Antenna

Hello - 

Any advice on finding a connector from a standard NFC Antenna to the Molex 051281-0594 connector on the Nordic Thingy:52 Board?

I am trying to find a larger NFC Antenna for the Nordic Thingy: 52 board than the standard antenna. I need to read in signals from mobile phones. There are many NFC Antennas out there (example:, but my main issue is finding a connector to the standard Molex 051281-0594 ( connector on the Nordic Thingy: 52 board from the NFC Antenna. 

Ideally I find a larger Antenna do I do not need to solder to some connector, but it seems like soldering may have to happen. This ( is the closest I have come to finding a connector but unclear how to connect it to the two leads on the NFC Antenna. There seem to be a lot of NFC Antennas that use the ACH(F) connector to boards.