How can I use nrf52840 pca10059 as hci_usb dongle

Hi all,

I am trying to use nrf52840 dongle as hci_usb with the very simple task: scan

  • Host is Raspberry Pi with BlueZ
  • Controller is nrf52840 dongle with firmware hci_usb or hci_uart

I have built and flashed /zephyr/sample/bluetooth/hci_usb or /zephyr/sample/bluetooth/hci_usb to nrf dongle via J-Link with no problem (I use ninja flash without configure flash start, flash size, ram start, ram size). But when I tried to find the dongle on Pi using lsusb or ls /dev/tty* I could not find the dongle. And anything more like btmon, btattach, btmgmt could not be used successfully.

So I have some questions:

  • About controller: can I turn nrf52840 dongle to hci_usb dongle and how can I do that, example in zephyr is enough?
  • Can BlueZ work fine in Raspian Stretch
  • Did I do wrong somewhere or anyone have instructions, notes, warnings, experiments about my topic

Best regards,