Using MDBT42Q and BLE


I'm relatively new and have been using 52832 DK for several months without any problems.  It is a great product.  As I gained experience, I've tried programming other boards (GT52832_A01) using a mini J-Link that I bought from Adafruit - again without problems. All of the example programs load and run on both DK and GT boards as expected.

I recently bought a few MDBT42Q modules from Mouser (they are made by Seeed Studios).  I believe this is the same module used by Adafruit on their Featherboard 52832, so I thought this would be a good product to expand my experience.  I was able to program the MDBT42Q boards using the J-Link, however, when I try to use anything with BLE the program loads but I'm not able to connect to the board via BLE.  I load the soft device loads and then the program the same way as with the DK and GT boards, except I'm not able to connect to the MDBT42Q board.  It is as if the board isn't advertising.

I did a search in the DevZone and found one post by Sudarshan J 10 months ago that looked similar to my problem but I'm not sure how to proceed and hope you might suggest some things to try.  

The datasheet for the MDBT42Q basically says that you don't need any external circuitry to make the module work, so it may not be a clock problem - but I'm not sure.  Since the module works fine (I can load simple blinky programs and program gpio, etc), I think I'm missing something simple.  

Any suggestions?

A related question - I tried to use debug to set breakpoints before and after the advertising function to try to see what was happening.  I tried to go stepwise through the program but execution just stops - so I must be missing something there as well.  There is a warning that there is a 32Kb limit on evaluation in debug - is that the problem?  Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.