Failure to upgrade Bootloader

Hi Nordic,

    I use NRF51802 SDK 11.0.

    Now we encounter the problem of insufficient product code space, so we want to expand the CODE area by modifying the value of DFU_APP_DATA_RESERVED.

    Since our products have been produced, we must upgrade BOOT to achieve it. The code space reserved for the production product is 16K. Now we need to change it to 8K.

    But if you use a new boot (DFU_APP_DATA_RESERVED = 8) to upgrade, the system fails to start after the upgrade is completed. If you use boot (DFU_APP_DATA_RESERVED = 16) to upgrade, the upgrade will succeed.

    So can't the value of DFU_APP_DATA_RESERVED be changed when boot upgrades?

    We look forward to your reply! Thanks!

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