Including nRF5 SDK example projects(ex blinky) into Segger Studio

Installed Segger Studio v4.12, nRF5 SDK(latest version), J-link, all under same catalog but into their own respective catalogs.

First, if I open blinky catalog and choose the .hex-file, then drop it to the j-link drive, the nRF52840 board starts downloading and when finnished the diodes starts blinking in a pattern, ok!

Second, I click on the blinky project file(dont remember the name but has an eye icon to it), the project loads, building and running goes fine, but no downloading into the nRF52840 board ?

Third, I like to pick the nRF5 SDK project from Segger Studio, File ->Project  Import or like that. But when clicking into the catalog where the project-file was located earlier, it appears no files.

Fourth, there are no text files explaining the different example files in nRF5 SDK, what they really do and what interaction can/must be taken to get most out of them

Fifth, I had problems installing "Packages" when setting up Segger Studio, if this could have any thing to do with some of my above problems ? se picture below

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