BLE Mesh model Scheduler Setup Server extends Generic Power OnOff Server?


While reading the BLE Mesh Model Specification v1.0 I noticed that the Scheduler Setup Server, which extends Scheduler Server and Scene Setup Server, lists the Generic OnPowerUp state in table 5.49 and in Figure 5.1 (the summary).

Beside those two places there is no mentioning in the text that Scheduler Setup Server nor the ones it extends would extend the Generic Power OnOff server model.

I assume that this is an error in the standard, right?


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  • After reading a bit more it looks like the tables I mentioned are incomplete and contains errors.

    As the Scheduler Server should be able to execute the actions "Turn On" and "Turn Off" by simulating the reception of a Generic OnOff Set Unacknowledged message by the element, it sort of make sense to extend the Generic OnPowerUp model but the Generic OnOff Server model would probably have been enough.

    Some errors in the table

    * Generic OnPowerUp is listed twice instead of Generic OnPowerUp Setup Server.

    * Scene Delete and Scene Delete Unacknowledge is not listed

    * Generic OnOff model is missing

    The text should also mention that the Scheduler Setup Server extends the Generic OnPowerUp Setup Server.

    Is there an errata for the Model Specification?

    Anyhow, as the Scheduler Setup Server may only be present on the Primary Element of a node, how is one supposed to schedule things on secondary Elements?

    Say for example that a node has two elements with Generic OnOff models that one would like to control with a Scheduler Server Model, is that even possible?


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