BLE MESH3.0 Merge Cilent and Provisioner Firmware.

Hello ,

Que 1 :I want to Merge Client and Provisioner Firmware is possible..?

Que 2:Multiple provisioner can i define in same moudle.

Que 3:BLE MESH Network ,How many Provisioner work in same network..?



  • Hello,


    Above Function is use in client To start Beacon. if i add this function in Provisioner code  i got an Error 0x0000010e.Please let me 

    static void start(void)
        rtt_input_enable(app_rtt_input_handler, RTT_INPUT_POLL_PERIOD_MS);
        __LOG(LOG_SRC_APP, LOG_LEVEL_INFO, "<start> \n");
          static const uint8_t static_auth_data[NRF_MESH_KEY_SIZE] = STATIC_AUTH_DATA;
          mesh_provisionee_start_params_t prov_start_params =
              .p_static_data    = static_auth_data,
              .prov_complete_cb = provisioning_complete_cb,
              .prov_device_identification_start_cb = device_identification_start_cb,
              .prov_device_identification_stop_cb = NULL,
              .prov_abort_cb = provisioning_aborted_cb,
              .p_device_uri = NULL
        hal_led_mask_set(LEDS_MASK, LED_MASK_STATE_OFF);



  • Hi,

    Q1: Yes, it is possible to merge the client and provisioner example. This was done in earlier version of the Mesh SDK. Have a look at the light switch client example in Mesh SDK v1.0.1, it will give you an idea on how to do it.

    Q2: I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate?

    Q3: Multiple Provisioners may be used, but the method to share cached data and coordinate across multiple Provisioners is implementation specific. There aren't a specific number for how many provisioner you can have in a network. The limitation lies in the coordination between the Provisioners, so it is dependent on your implementation.