Cannot get WireShark to find nRF52-DK

Dear DevZone,

I'm new to the nRF52-DK and Nordic in general.  I'm trying to set up an nRF52-DK to use with nRF Sniffer, and not having any success.

I have tried following the installation instructions in the nRF Sniffer User Guide v2.2, but get stuck very quickly.  I have installed WireShark V2.6.6 and Python 2.7, and installed pyserial as directed by the User Guide.

I have two nRF52-DK boards, and have programmed one with the HRM demo, and it works with nRF Toolbox just fine.

I also used Segger Embedded Studio and programmed the sniffer_pca10040_1c2a221.hex onto the second nRF52-DK.  After cycling power, LED1 blinks frequently, which I assume means that it is watching packets go by and trying to report them over the JLINK CDC COM port.  I should note that when I connect this DK via the USB cable, it does not show up as a mass storage device like the other nRF52-DK does.

I have copied what I believe are the necessary files to C:\Program Files\Wireshark\extcap as shown below:

However, I am not sure that the nrf_sniffer.bat file is configured correctly.  My Python 2.7 installation is in C:\Python27, and this directory is NOT on my PATH:

@echo off
python "" %*

In section 2.3.1, there are instructions to Enable the Sniffer, but I do not see Interface Toolbars, or anything related to the nRF Sniffer.  I did reboot Windows as well to make sure that all settings had taken effect:

Why doesn't the Interface Toolbars menu option appear?

I copied the Profile_nRF_Sniffer_v2_001 to the profiles folder with my Personal Configuration folder:

I can see this in the WireShark > Edit > Configuration Profiles:

However, when I select Profile_nRF_Sniffer_v2_001, it does not show up on the main WireShark page:

Consequently, I don't capture any packets using the nRF52-DK.  Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong?  Is there a problem with the .bat file?  And why doesn't the nRF Sniffer show up under View/Interface Toolbars?

Also, are there any plans to port the nRF Sniffer to the nRF52840-Dongle?  I have one of those as well, and it would be preferable to use that than to tie up two nRF52-DK's.

I'm happy to provide other information.  Thanks very much for your time and help.