ut_generic_dtt_client fails with Mesh SDK 3.1.0


When running the unit tests for Mesh SDK 3.1.0 I get the following failures.

83/92 Test #83: generic_dtt_client ...............***Failed 0.00 sec

From the log I can see the following.

mesh/test/src/ut_generic_dtt_client.c:321:test_generic_dtt_client_set:FAIL: Expected 17 Was 7

This is because the parameter to the function is not initialized properly. The following patch solves the problem.

diff --git a/mesh/test/src/ut_generic_dtt_client.c b/mesh/test/src/ut_generic_dtt_client.c                                                        
index 696ea04..4cdf081 100644
--- a/mesh/test/src/ut_generic_dtt_client.c
+++ b/mesh/test/src/ut_generic_dtt_client.c
@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@ void test_generic_dtt_client_init(void)

 void test_generic_dtt_client_set(void)
-    generic_dtt_set_params_t set_params;
+    generic_dtt_set_params_t set_params = {0};
     generic_dtt_set_msg_pkt_t pkt;
     uint16_t opcode;
     uint16_t len;

I'm using GCC 8.2.1.


  • Hi,

    Thank you for reporting this issue, it is highly appreciated! Patch is also very much welcomed. I have forwarded your findings to our Mesh team, and I will get back to you if they need more information. From what I can tell this should be easily fixed.