Simulating NRFConnect functionality on an ARM machine

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Nordic Semiconductor devices and have only been playing with them for a few weeks.  I have enjoyed working with nrfConnect for Desktop and nrfCloud.  In particular, I like the features of nrfConnect on Desktop that allow for easy setup of connections.  I also like the ability to just connect a device and just get the relevant firmware.  I enjoy working on Single Board Computers which mostly run off Arm Architecture.  I would like to have a mobile solution to connect a dongle to something like a Beagleboard and gather a lot of information like I would with nrfConnect.  However, as these devices run ARM, nrfConnect will not run on them.  I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar or could provide insight.  I essentially would like to simulate nrfConnect functionality on an ARM machine and not an x86 or x86_64.  For instance, I could run a program that searches for nrf dongles and finds drivers for them which nrfConnect does automatically.   I realize a solution would take a lot of programming and I'd like to know any possibilities.  I have been looking up options and I think the pc ble driver could be similar to what I'm looking for Does anyone with experience know of any leads? Thanks in advance, and I can clear anything up just in case my question came off confusing.