How to advertise with nRF52810 in order to be seen by BT4

Dear Sirs,

How to advertise with nRF52810 (peripheral mode) in order to be seen by BT4 devices (Smartphones)?

Is it necessary to make a special configuration (settings)? If yes, where can I find an example?

I try to use

with S112 softdevice
In addition, I spent hours(days) to make run a simple advertisement, without any success.
The example I use requires usage of your board with LEDs an buttons.
BTW, all your examples are very hard to understand and are very complex... Even for a simple functionality 
On my PCB board, I have no buttons and LEDs and I cannot initialise services as you make in your example...
Could you give us a SIMPLE example, without complex event handlers, LEDS and buttons, with a minimum initialization?
I would like only be seen from a smartphone, giving only basic info as device name and product series number, nothing more...
Thank you in advance for your help
Cordially yours