No call of registered "flash write complete" callback function

Hi Team

I created an own interface layer using the mesh SDK's "flash_manager" to have a simple API for accessing my application flash area.

Now, I am facing the problem, that the my callback function "flash_write_complete_cb" is not called by the flash_manager. I expected to have such a call some milliseconds later after committing my allocated and filled entry buffer.

What I have checked so far:

  • the global flash_manager_init() is called before my flash manager usage
  • the functions flash_manager_add(), flash_manager_entry_count_get() flash_manager_entry_alloc(), flash_manager_entry_commit() did not throw any error
  • the behavior seems not to be a debugger (settings) issue: even in downloaded run mode, the callback function call is missing

Thanks for any replies!