How to deal with sdk_config.h


I want to add fstorage functionality to my applikation. I added all the files and functions as in the fstorage example from Nordic, but I get a linker error that the fstorage function are undefined references. My guess is that the fstorage module is not actuated in the sdk_config file. I've startet my application with the example of TWI Master from Nordic.

Now I found two sdk_config files in the SDK. One is in the examples folder for the specific example, which is shortened to only the modules the example needs (at least this is my guess) and one is in SDK components/config/nrf52832/config folder, where are far more module defines.

If I now want to add fstorage functionality to my TWI App, what do I have to do in the SDK config? Copy and paste from the 'big' sdk_config?

Can you help me how I can proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Kind reagrds

Sascha Schmidt