nRF52840 + nRF Connect v2.6.1

Hi everyone,

I'm playing with the nRF52840 dongle (PCA10059) but I'm not able to program it using nRF Connect (v2.6.1).

I open the sw and connect the dongle, choose the COM port, the dongle starts to blink red and memory regions are correctly read from the dongle.

After that, I choose the hex file but none of the buttons on the right is enabled, except for the "Reset" button.

I also tried other nRF Connect's apps (like RSSI Viewer and Bluetooth Low Energy) and they are flashed correctly on the dongle.

I think both dongle and software are woking correctly so: am I missing some step to flash the desired hex file on the board?

For now I've tried ready-to-use hex files from examples/thread/experimental (taken from nRF5SDKforThreadv011084a130f) and also some self-made builds of the last openthread cli and ncp binaries.

Any help is welcome, I have the feeling that I'm making a silly mistake.

Thank you in advance


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