PCB prototype supplier meeting nRF52840 via-in-pad requirements

Hi folks,

I'm trying to find a pcb prototype manufacturer which supports the via-in-pad requirements for the nRF52840 package (i.e. 0.15mm hole size with 0.1mm annular ring). However, most pcb protottype suppliers demand either minimum 0.2mm hole size and/or minimum 0.15mm annular ring.

The only supplier I found is www.multi-cb.de from Germany. They seem trustful. The only downside: Their offer has a very long manufacturing time (6 weeks), if a fixed layer stack for 50Ohm RF traces is required.

Does anybody know a good PCB supplier, capable of fullfilling the nRF52840 via-in-pad requirements and having not too long lead times?

Thanks for your hints!

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