Issue with Sending generic level messages from main()


I am working with a motion sensor which sends a message when it detects a motion. I am communicating between the nRF52 DK and the sensor via UART. I am able to receive messages correctly. I am using the experimental_dimming_client example and I tried to send a generic level message whenever the sensor detects the motion. I added the UART library and added the functionality to send generic level messages upon detecting motion in the main() as follows:

for (;;)
        uint8_t cr;
        while(app_uart_get(&cr) != NRF_SUCCESS);
        while(app_uart_put(cr) != NRF_SUCCESS);

        if(cr == 'M')


M indicates motion and button event handler sends the generic level messages.

Here comes the issue:

I haven't provisioned the board yet. When a motion is detected, the board is able to execute the the button_event_handler function for case 1 which is sending a set message.

Now I provisioned the device(didn't set the publication address). For these two situations, output looks like this:

When I add the publication address, it asserts an error: 

app_error_weak.c,  108, Mesh assert at 0x0002AEC6 (:0)

After this, I went back to the stock SDK and tried to send generic level messages from the main function (without UART) which resulted in a Mesh error 15 (Forbidden Command)

I have been trying to debug and find why I am unable to publish messages to an address from the main() but I am not successful yet.

What might be the reason? Any ideas on how to resolve it?

Thank you.