nus_data_handler from android app -> nrf52840

Hi all,

I am using my android ble application , but I don't manage to receive data sent from the application to the device ( nrf52840 )

I am using the ble_app_uart example from nRF5_SDK_15.2.0 with the latest softdevice 6.1.1

when i am using my app the nus_data_handler not called with BLE_NUS_EVT_RX_DATA as it should (not called at all).

but the ble_evt_handler is called , can't find the data sent in the ble event struct ( ble_evt_t const * p_ble_evt)

when I am using NRF_connect application , the nus_data is called with BLE_NUS_EVT_RX_DATA  ... 

and I can find the data also in the ble event struct when the ble_evt_handler is called.

can you advice why my application can't trigger the nus_data_handler  on the nrf52840 !?

or the opposite why my device nrf52840  can't manage to detect and call the  nus_data_handler  with BLE_NUS_EVT_RX_DATA ?