nrf52840.svd from nRF5 SDK 15.2.0 does not let SES show register arrays


I am running Segger Embedded Studio (4.10a) to get used to the Nordic DK for the nRF52840. Now I have found, that the register display seems not to be able to show some of the SFRs. For example, if I activate the UICR group, I get the following registers: UNUSED0, UNUSED1, UNUSED2, UNUSED3, APPROTECT, NFCPINS, DEBUGCTRL and REGOUT0. But there are a lot more registers according the the manual, all missing registers are arrays:
NRFFW[0]-NRFFW[14], NRFHW[0]-NRFHW[11], CUSTOMER[0]-CUSTOMER[31] and PSELRESET[0]-PSELRESET[1]. The same applies to other SFR groups.
I have checked for the missing registers in the nrf52840.svd file which is part of the SDK 15.2.0, and found for example this entry:
<description>Description collection[n]: Reserved for Nordic firmware design</description>
<description>Reserved for Nordic firmware design</description>

I have stated this question already in the Segger forum, but got a redirect to ask here. I have no idea, if the SVD file is wrong or the Segger Embedded Studio has a bug.