NRF52832 pc-ble-driver-js s132_3.1.hex


I'm trying to use the pc-ble-driver-js package to read some bluetooth devices we have at the office.  I am using a linux 16.04 vm.  I have tried using the noble js library and bluepy but both of these libraries lack support to negotiate the mtu sizes appropriately.  We have a NRF52832 in the office so I thought I would try out the js package nordic has.  After going through the setup on the github page I was finally ready to test it out.  I flashed the board with the nRF Connect programmer app with the connectivity_1.0.0_115k2_with_s132_3.1.0.hex and I am getting a "Failed to open the nRF5 BLE driver" - "terminate calle after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'.  If I use the connectivity_1.0.0_1m_with_s132_3.1.0.hex (since the detected baud rate by default seems to be 1000000) I get NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM.  When I use the v2 api calls using connectivity_1.0.0_115k2_with_s132_2.0.0.hex the basic collector example included in pc-ble-driver-examples connects just fine and I was able to interact with my device.  This is great except it looks like the V2 does not support mtu negotiations which is what I was primarily trying to use this library for.  We are trying to set it at about 200 or so to behave similarly to our phone apps.  Is there a different hex I should try?  All I am doing is calling it with sudo node heart_rate_collector.js /dev/ttyACM0 v2 to get it to work but anything with v3 or other hexes fails.  

Thanks for taking a look and for the feedback

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