Input current on nRF52 DK

Hello to everyone.

I want to know, how many current can the board of nRF52 DK work with?. My PC have one USB 3.0 input, that provides 900 mA when I connect the board, and one USB 2.0 that provides 500 mA when I connect it.
O those cases, when I connect the board to the PC, LED5 begins to blink for a second and then stops. That´s normal.
But, if I use a cellphone charger (for the wall), with USB entrance, that provides 5V as output with 1000 mA, to turn on the nRF52 board, LED5 begins to blink and never stops.
I´m worried about it, because I don´t want to go bad my nRF52 board.
Can I keep feeding the board with 1000 mA or is dangerous?
I hope you can help me.