P0.26 as input on nRF52 DK

Hello to everyone.

I want to know how to configure P0.26 as input on nRF52832 SDK. I chose that pin because is a general purpose pin and it doesn´t has any other function.
The reason is that I´m going to read a voltage signal from a temperature sensor and I don´s know if the pin as input has to be configured with a special characteristics.

Also, if anyone can tell me how to read the value of the sensor and display it with "Termite", I´ll be very thankfull.

I hope you can help me.

  • Hi

    One way to configure your GPIOs is to use the nrf_gpio interface directly: Configure pin as input : nrf_gpio_cfg_input(pin_number). pin_number will be P0.26 in your case. 

    As for reading temperature sensor values, take a look at this post, where my colleague posted a great answer.

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