nRF52832 ADC differential mode configuration


we are using nRF52832 ADC in differential mode. We have two channels connected, where other is presenting reference voltage 1,65V and other is +/-1,15V on top of that.

How should we configure the ADC?

Inputs are now configured as differential-N and differential-P (PSELP and PSELN).

Can we use oversampling in this mode? Or should we stick to SCAN mode? We have only one PSELP in use.

There seems to be much more noise when we are NOT using oversampling mode. But is our assumption correct that it should not be used when more than 1 input connected to ADC and in differential mode there are 2 inputs now?

You probably have some examples of configuration the ADC in differential mode? What should be taken into account?

We have connected op amp in differential mode to ADC input, impedance of source is 1kohm. --> shortest acquisition time in use.

Thank you in advance!

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