Antenna behind display?


We have a new product in development which will have an aluminium enclosure. We are pondering ways to get the radio signal in and out. Has anyone had experience placing an antenna behind the display? the display is about 1.3 in (about 25x25 mm square).


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    The size of the opening in the enclosure should be large enough that the signal should be able to pass fairly easily, but any metal in the display is likely to hamper the transmission still. Exactly how much will probably depend on the specific display, and the density of any metal in it, unfortunately I can not say anything else than you have to measure it to know for certain. Even if reception might be worse than if there was no display at all, it might still be good enough, depending on your requirements.


    When it comes to metal enclosures the approach to ensure best performance is to bring the antenna outside the enclosure or make a gap in the enclosure, filled with a non-metal material.


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