Configure wake up behavior from system off with app_button

I'm using the APP_BUTTON_INIT-Function to register a button at the GPIOTE-System. This works great while running normally, e.g. I can react on debounced button_down or button_release events.

Magically this also works for waking from sd_power_system_off() with a rising or falling edge on my button pin. I suppose this is set somewhere inside app_gpiote.c. The PORT event and DETECT signal are also involved, as far as I have found out yet. But then ..whatever..

Now my question: Can I configure it to only wake up when the button is pressed (falling edge) and not when it is released?

I would like to do this, so that i can go to system_off even if the user is still pressing the button. Without being rewoken, when the button is released.