nRF52832 DK with SDK 15.2 OLED Display (128x32) with SSD1306 problem

Hello everyone.

I am trying to use my oled display with my nRF52832. I found a library that had been written before:

The problem is that library works on SDK 10 and I cannot manage to build the code with SDK 15.2.0. Differences between SDK versions are causing problems for me.

For example, While APP_TIMER_INIT is useful for a SDK, other SDK works with APP_TIMER_DEF. Differences like these disable me having action on my OLED display. How can I handle differences between SDKs ? Is there any way to find current names of functions, macros etc. in old SDKs. Maybe, how can I have a ssd1306 library for current SDK version. 

I hope I could explain my problem properly.

Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    Are you using SPI or TWI to interface with the display? It is not simple to interface this display with nRF52832, as it requires writing more than 255 bytes per transfer. The legacy drivers for TWI and SPI in later SDKs are limited to 255 bytes, to align with EasyDMA MAXCNT register in nRF52832 (8 bits length). You can make it work by using the non-EasyDMA SPI/TWI peripherals, but you will have to rewrite the code to use NRFX drivers that do not have the 8-bit length limitation.

    Best regards,