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Logging with timestamp on SDK 15.2

i have recently upgraded to SDK 15.2, and since doing so I am struggling to get timestamps working in the logger.

I am initialising the logger here:

    //Start microsecond timer:
    ret_code_t err_code = NRF_LOG_INIT(time_us);

And here is my microsecond timer. 

#include "velo_us_timer.h"
const nrf_drv_timer_t us_timer = NRF_DRV_TIMER_INSTANCE(1);

void us_timer_config(void)
	uint32_t err_code=NRF_SUCCESS;
		nrf_drv_timer_config_t timer_cfg = 
		.frequency = NRF_TIMER_FREQ_1MHz,	//Sets prescaler to get a counter increment at 1MHz.
		.mode = NRF_TIMER_MODE_TIMER,		// in this mode counter increments by 1 on each clock cycle (clock x prescaler actually)
		.bit_width = NRF_TIMER_BIT_WIDTH_32,    
		.interrupt_priority = TIMER_DEFAULT_CONFIG_IRQ_PRIORITY, 
    .p_context          = NULL     

// Timestamp function for logging
uint32_t time_us(void)
	uint32_t time = nrf_drv_timer_capture(&us_timer,NRF_TIMER_CC_CHANNEL0);
	return time;

When I log (using NRF_LOG_INFO("comment")) no timestamp appears.  This code worked in SDK 14.2 .  Any ideas what I'm misssing?  Thank you.

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