How to check "Anomaly 172 Addendum"?


I saw a fail for RF-PHY/RCV/BV-29-C on nRF52840 DK.

But I also find it is a known issue as "Anomaly 172 Addendum".

In the nRF52840_Rev_1_Errata_v1.2.pdf, two workarounds are described.

However, I think I can't run RF-PHY/RCV/BV-29-C for both workaround as of now because,

1) I can't access via HCI on S140 SoftDevice v6.1.1 SW.

2) SDK v15.3.0.isn't released yet(The latest one is v15.2)

If my understanding is wrong, please correct me.

Best regards,


  • Hi,


    HCI is unfortunately not supported. For testing RF-PHY/RCV/BV-29-C you need the DTM application to be released in SDK v15.3 which will be available shortly.


    S140 v6.1.1 supports both SDK v15.2 and SDK v15.3. You will not be able to do the test using this, but the regular BLE operation will have the similar workaround against the errata.


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