low power consumption

hi folks ,

i  want to reduce my power consumption so that battery life can be extend , my device function is it will read the data and send the data only if reaches the threshold value , read data will be sent over the ble app ,i have put my device in sleep mode (used system on mode)for sometime using timer ,other than this any another way for reducing the power consumption

Thanks in advance 

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  • If you mean for the chiip to be in system OFF mode, it needs to be waken up by an external signal. What do you mean by the "threshold value". For the nRF to wake up by itself you need system ON mode, with RTC and the LF clock on at the very least. This is also what the SoftDevice uses when it initializes so there is no extra consumption by letting it run either. The current consumption for this would be 2-3uA, depending on RAM retention. You should figure out how much RAM you need in order to optimise your current consumption.

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