Bluetooth mesh setup

Hey, I am trying to get a bluetooth mesh up and running with the nrf52832 dev boards (PCA10040) acting as nodes and a Raspberry Pi 3 (with bluez meshctl) as the provisioner. I am succesfully able to run the light_client_server example in the Mesh SDK. I have a couple of queries - 

1. I have a requirement of around 10k nodes. The nodes will need to transmit sensor data at periodic intervals to the provisioner. Is this feasible with a single provisioner? If not, what would be an ideal configuration for this scenario? 

2. How would I send periodic advertisement packets (for reading the RSSI value) to the provisioner across the mesh? And once received, how would I read the data on the raspberry pi?

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  • Hello,

    The number of addresses in a bluetooth mesh network is 32 767, so it is in theory possible with more than 10k nodes in a single network. I want to check a couple of things about your network/application:

    1: How often and how much data do you intend to send from each node?

    2: How dense it your network? It is a bit hard to answer exact, but are all the nodes within range of one another, or are they spread out on a large area?

    To answer shortly to your questions:

    1: It is feasible with a single provisioner (a single network).

    2: You can either create a custom model and send dummy data (an empty packet) and measure the RSSI value of these packets, or measure the RSSI value from the sensor data packets. How you do it on the RPi side, I am not sure.

    Check this site.

    Best regards,