Using getaddrinfo for DNS-Lookups (nrf9160 DK)


I'm currently trying to run the mqtt_simple sample (latest version of nrf-zephyr) on the nrf9160 DK. Unfortunately it is not working, because getaddrinfo() returns 22 (EINVAL?).

I'm trying to run the sample using NB-IoT. For that I flashed the appropriate firmware (pre-alpha) and I'm also using an appropriate SIM-card. TCP connections alone (without getaddrinfo()) are working and I'm able to exchange data with a server over the internet.

Specifically the DNS-lookup with getaddrinfo() seems to run into trouble. I also tried to pass an IP-Address to getaddrinfo(). In that case it returns no error, but gives incomplete results (Address correct, but hints about e.g. socktype ignored).

My best guess would be that the nrf_getaddrinfo() implementation is incomplete here. I would be happy about any information about this.

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