SDK 15.3 cannot program default bootloader

I built the secure bootloader UART project without changing anything and I cannot program it using nRFgo Studio.  It says:

This hex file has data in SoftDevice region. Try programming using "Program SoftDevice", or erase all before programming.

The project has these items that I think overlap with SoftDevice:

.ARM.__AT_0x00000FF8 0x00000ff8 Section 4 nrf_bootloader_info.o(.ARM.__AT_0x00000FF8)
.ARM.__AT_0x00000FFC 0x00000ffc Section 4 nrf_dfu_settings.o(.ARM.__AT_0x00000FFC)

I can program the precompiled file bootloader_secure_uart_debug_without_bonds_mbr.hex fine.  How do I fix this problem?