Regarding PA-LNA in mesh sdk


        As nordic has implemented sdk for mesh and i have been using mesh sdk v3.0.0 LIGHT_SWITCH_EXAMPLE but i am facing some problem regarding pa_lna. Actually wt i have done is i send a data and it has to be relayed to particular device so that among many devices in a group it can reach to speicific device and it was implemented successfully but here while i need to receive the advertising packets from different devices it is showing more RSSI .here i am using nrf52832 developed with separate ble boards with different gpio's .so as mentioned by nordic semi related to pa_lna ,the pins were used as 24 and 25 but we are using different gpio's according to our here we are facing problems that when ever the data is advertising it is showing more RSSI and when ever command/data has been send from client to specific server then suddenly the RSSI shows less .

softdevice S132 and mesh sdk v3.0.0

windows using keil

so i am expecting that both pa_lna has to switch its role frequently but in my case its not happening,only when sending any command its showing less RSSI and the remaining advertising time its been more.

As i couldn't find any other solution related to this . so i hope could anyone help me regarding this problem .it will be so much helpful if i could complete this work with your help.

Thank You.