Enable/Disable CLI+Logging Programmatically?

I'm trying to place my device in a low power mode for shipping.  I used Logging and CLI while its in operation, but I'd like a way to enable/disable the CLI+Logging over BLE.  As the UART backend consumes power, I would like a way to disable these modules.  I've tried using nrf_cli_stop(), which seems to work, but when I try and re-enable the with nrf_cli_start() I immediately get an error in nrf_cli_uart.c in the rx_try() function.  It fails at line 64 as it tries to allocate memory with a nrf_ringbuf_alloc() call.  Is there a different API I should be using for this?

  • Hello,

    Can you try to manually start/stop RX do the trick? E.g.:

    So the the current consumption is high after calling:

    NRF_UART0->TASKS_STARTRX = 1; // Ready to receive data.

    And the current consumption will go low when calling:

    NRF_UART0->TASKS_STOPRX= 1; // Stop receive UART data.

    Best regards,