nRF52840 dongle with usbd and ble central capabilites


I am trying to combine the usbd (hid mouse) example with the uart central example to run on the nRF52840 dongle. I am having a lot of problems and am not really sure how to do this. When I run just the usbd example, the device shows up as an HID mouse device (which is what I want). But when I combine it with the uart central example, it shows up as a USB composite device. 

I have also tried using the usbd_uart_ble example but I do not want my usb input to show up as a serial emulator (COM port).

My ultimate goal is to make the dongle a central device, with bluetooth capabilities, and have it be recognized as an HID mouse. 
Any help would be extremely appreciated as I have been banging my head with this for weeks.

Thank you,
Tanya Dhayagude