WLCSP32 package of nrf52811.Firmware for locationing

when will WLCSP32 be available at Digikey, Mouser etc )?

any hints on availability of firmware supporting AdA ?

  • Same question!

    We need the WLCSP32 please.

    www.octopart.com everywhere out of stock.

  • Hi,


    nRF52811 in WLCSP package and QFN32 package was scheduled after QFN48 but should be in production now. I do not have any dates for when it will be in stock at distributors. I suggest you get in contact with the Nordic Semiconductor sales manager who is responsible for your region, he/she might be able to provide a date and also maybe help with supplying you the material. Let me know if you do not know who is handling your region.


    There is still no ETA for AoA support in FW other than later this year.


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