NRF52 Mesh DFU on sdk coexistence

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to develop an application with the mesh, the uart and the DFU.

I've started the project with the sdk_coexistence for use the uart and the mesh, i decided to add even the BLE capabilities to make the application compatible with the phone.

Now i need to add the DFU, previously i managed to make the DFU work correctly on the light_switch example.

This new project don't have the serial enabled because i want to start the DFU with another board, this one use the old light_switch example (that is working with the other light_switch example board).

By debugging this new project i've seen that i never recive the MESH_DFU_START, thing that happen on the light_switch modified example.

I don't really know why i don't recive the event.

Any help will be usefull, sorry for my bad english

Thanks for the support