Changing service names and characteristic names

SDK 15.2 API6.1

I am using the ble_app_blinky and ble_app_blinky_c examples and when i connect I see the "Nordic LED Button Service" and inside that i see 2 chracteristics "Button" and "LED". I modified the code a little to add another characteristic because i have 2 buttons and the LED i want to exchange for another type of device.

How can i change the service name from "Nordic LED Button Service" to "My service name" and "Button" to "Something Else" and "LED to "Not LED". 

From what i have read it appears this is not possible and this values have been added in some deep SIG data, i am very new to Bluetooth, and it seems that any non-standard oir registered service will always displayed as Unknown service. However internally within that service we can modify a user description where i can name the characteristic. I did this and can read the user defined characteristic, but again i would prefer to have it as a main visible service name not as a characteristic value i need to read in order to see.