DFU example not working


Recently we upgraded from NRF52832 to NRF52840, and as the Development seems to come to an end, one of the last features we need is OTA capability.

currently I am trying to Implement DFU on my application, but I am struggeling.

I downloaded the latest SDK and tried to compile \examples\dfu\secure_bootloader\pca10056_ble project.

after compiling I flashed softdevice (make Flash_Softdevice) and then flashed the bootlader (make Flash) but my board wont advertise.

next step was to try one of the precompiled examples, I successfuly flashed sd_s140_bootloader_buttonless_with_setting_page_dfu_secure_ble_debug_without_bonds.hex, and it worked! I could see the DFUtarg advertising, then I tried to flash the softdevice and bootloader_secure_ble_debug_without_bonds_s140.hex seperately, and again, it did not advertise.

what am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance,


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