Merging LE Secure Connections Multirole Example and Ble App UART Example


I am working on a project where I need to send and receive ASCII strings from my Central Device to the Peripheral Device. Before the communication starts there should be a bonding (paring) between the devices. The nRF52840 DK is used as a peripheral device and nRF Toolbox is used as a central device.  After the bond is established the text should be encrypted using the AES algorithm. Finally, the text sent should be displayed using UART.

the bonding and paring are done in example LE Secure Connections Multirole and the UART is done in the example Ble App UART so I wanted to merge both the files. Can anyone help me with this?

The tools and software used are listed here:

NRF52840 DK

SDK 15.2.0

Segger embedded studio for coding

nRF Toolbox version 2.0