May I ask, what's the change of nrf_log in sdk 15.3?


I am migrating sdk 15.2 to 15.3. Everything works fine, except the nrf logging. Currently, I am using RTT configuration, with default backend enabled. The code is simple:

// Initialize SDK Logger.



Things odd is that: the log is dumped in a quite slow speed. It acts like, the logging buffer stored in rnf52840 chip. Without event triggered, they are not dumped into RTT viewer. That is to say, the log is dumped in a very deferred way. The latest logs are always not shown in RTT viewer.

BTW, other code is the same, with usbd enabled and also BLE. The functional thing works fine.

The same code works well under sdk 15.2, with the logging is dumped immediately. 


j-link 6.40



Since I can not find a way to debug it, would you please give me some suggestions on this? A list of the nrf_log changes in sdk 15.3 would be fine. I attached my sdk_config.h