bootloader interferes with application


      we have a custom board running the nrf52840. The code is getting pretty good we are getting close to beta. We are using SES as our development platform and are currently using SDK15.0. 

We have implemented three things:

1) our custom ble services etc

2) your example bootloader code

3) your example dfu service

We are finding that if the bootloader and dfu service are flashed to the device, SES tends not to return to debug mode when building and running our custom services by pressing the SES green arrow button.

The secure bootloader and dfu code have been very lightly touched:

1) changed the advertising name using the sdk_config entry

2) updated the key used to encrypt updates

3) updated the dfu timeout to 10 minutes

4) added code to read the device id from fds

the ?hang? was occuring intermittently after the first two changes and all the time after the last two. I assume that there is some form of flash conflict on write - on overwriting the other or something - but have no idea how to progress trouble shooting. During the ?hang? it doesn't appear to advertise which is about the first thing our code does.

The softdevice is installed as an additional load file in the loader pane of the project options. The bootloader etc is installed by running the following script as a user build step:



pushd ${BOOTDIR}
echo "Generating the bootloader settings"
${NRFUTIL} settings generate --family NRF52840 --application ${APPLOC} --application-version 0 --bootloader-version 0 --bl-settings-version 1 ${SETTINGSFILE} --no-backup
echo "merging with the bootloader"
echo "programming the bootloader onto the chip"
${NRFJPROG} -f NRF52 --program ${FLASHFILE} --chiperase

A typical run look like:

~/dev/2flex_nrf52/bootloader ~/dev/2flex_nrf52
Generating the bootloader settings

Generated Bootloader DFU settings .hex file and stored it in: bootloader_setting.hex

Bootloader DFU Settings:
* File:                     bootloader_setting.hex
* Family:                   NRF52840
* Start Address:            0x000FF000
* CRC:                      0x6A257EB5
* Settings Version:         0x00000001 (1)
* App Version:              0x00000000 (0)
* Bootloader Version:       0x00000000 (0)
* Bank Layout:              0x00000000
* Current Bank:             0x00000000
* Application Size:         0x0002A5E8 (173544 bytes)
* Application CRC:          0x94916576
* Bank0 Bank Code:          0x00000001
* Softdevice Size:          0x00000000 (0 bytes)
* Boot Validation CRC:      0x00000000
* SD Boot Validation Type:  0x00000000 (0)
* App Boot Validation Type: 0x00000000 (0)

merging with the bootloader
Parsing input hex files.
Merging files.
Storing merged file.
programming the bootloader onto the chip
Parsing hex file.
Erasing user available code and UICR flash areas.
Applying system reset.
Checking that the area to write is not protected.
Programming device.

Many thanks in advance